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Recycle three (edited) …Avoiding awareness

October 27, 2011

  It’s extraordinary how uncomfortable modern human beings are with awareness. We’ll go to all sorts of lengths to avoid it, in case it turns out to be every bit as unpleasant as poor Linus and Lucy’s experience.
All too often awareness is strongly associated with pain or frustration. We become aware of poor movement patterns through backache, stiffness, strain, or worse: injury. Equally, we deliberately suppress awareness to achieve social goals. Imagine being aware of the constant sensation of your clothes on your skin,  or the muscular effort involved in keeping your knees pressed together while sitting.
However, lack of awareness is exactly the state required for the dark side of neuroplasticity to strengthen poor movement habits and develop compulsions through repetition. Nobody intends to make life hard for themselves – it happens by stealth precisely because we have become so skilled at avoiding awareness.
Awareness is the first step in co-opting neuroplasticity to your advantage.

The lovely Peanuts cartoon above highlights what happens when we encounter a new awareness without some kind of  functional framework – the unfamiliar is experienced as discomfort. Yet imagine the added richness of experience in store for Linus and Lucy if they were to take their awakened tongues to an encounter with an ice cream cone or to a singing class!

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