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Recycle one… Paying attention.

October 27, 2011

Most of the time our attention is focussed on the outcome of the task at hand. While it seems like a ‘given’, this state is not always as useful as you might think.
When you begin to learn to direct your attention to the present moment, you begin to develop skills for awareness. This can be a bumpy road – our propensity is primarily to direct attention to the negative. I’ll talk about why we do this in a later post. But think about the last time you noticed how you were sitting at the computer – was it a positive or neutral observation? Were you then compelled to shift or adjust your sitting? When we perceive something as ‘wrong’, our instinct is to ‘correct’ ourselves, pronto.
No wonder we prefer to attend to the ‘outside’ world. But while you’re attending to completing that report or surfing the net for celebrity gossip, the neurons in your brain are also busy reinforcing the connections which make up how you’re sitting. Yep, that’s a habit sneaking up on you….
So how can you ‘unlearn’ your bad habits? Since habits are automatic and so invisible to us, recognising your habits is a necessary start. The Feldenkrais Method can help you develop the ability to direct your attention to yourself without judgement – to simply observe what is.

You might just find some really great things about yourself.

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