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Barking at the heels of…

September 30, 2009

Recently I held walking and running mini-workshops in preparation for the Melbourne Marathon. Good luck to you all on the 11th, and I’ll be looking for you from my St Kilda balcony and cheering you on!

The next major sporting fixture on the calendar here is the VRC Spring Racing Carnival. It’s actually horses that race, but on at least three key days (Derby Day, Melbourne Cup Day, and Oaks Day) the flower of Melbourne’s youth blossom briefly and gloriously into formal finery in a race to find a mate. Melbourne’s already-mated also frock and suit up for the carnival – either in support of out of nostalgia, I’m not sure. Then everybody goes back to wearing comfy leggings, baggy tops, and thongs (what we call flip-flops here) for the rest of the year. Black, of course (this is Melbourne) or at a pinch, marle grey.

Photo by Rodger Cummins, The Age, 2004

Photo by Rodger Cummins, The Age, 2004

This beautiful photo was clearly taken in the morning. Traditionally, by early afternoon hats and make-up are sliding south, and shoes are not on the feet but held in the hand. Racegoers may or may not have had one too many champagnes sparkling wines at breakfast.

It occurred to me that a workshop on Wearing High Heels might be timely.

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