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a noice pair…

September 20, 2009


Tango Bien has been closed (temporarily) for three weeks now and my feet are starting to itch. I may have to visit another milonga (gasp). As my partner Marco says, “When you’re a dancer, you gotta dance.” He’s a pretty rare creature because here in the land of Oz, men surf, play footy, shave their legs and wear lycra to ride a bike BUT: Blokes. Don’t. Dance. More precisely, skips (Australians of anglo saxon ethnic origin) don’t dance – wogs (Australians of every other ethnic origin) do. Hanging out in Adelaide recently at the Ukrainian social club, a (male) Cossack dance teacher commented: “When I was a teenager I told nobody, NOBODY at school that I danced.” Watching the ebullient and masculine athleticism of the junior boys’ class, I wondered if the same still held true for these boys. I hope not. Which is why I was overjoyed to listen to this radio article on the ABC’s Artworks programme today “Dancing Made a Man Out of Me“. It’s an exhibition at the Switchback Gallery, part of Monash University’s campus at Churchill, in Gippsland in Victoria. If I had a car I’d go there right now.

Then I saw a clip from Today (Channel 9) on Angelina’s Tango Blog entitled It Takes Two to Tango (ok so Channel 9 are not exactly inventive folk when it comes to headlines). The pre-dance interview makes reference to a 2006 research article on the merits of dancing Tango for the aged in the Journal of Aging and Physical Activity (extract only). The research, which needs to be repeated with a larger sample size, certainly points to health benefits in dancing – something for Aussie baby-boomer-blokes to think about, seriously.

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