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What to say, what to say?

July 24, 2009

Someone recently asked me for the ‘correct’ way to sit at the computer desk. This kind of question always flummoxes me. Although there are plenty of opportunities to injure yourself by sitting for prolonged periods in an unsupported manner (think neck and back pain, RSI, eyestrain etc) I’m yet to be convinced that there’s a ‘correct’ way. ‘Correct’ implies some kind of abstract, universal set of rules which is frankly antithetical to my thinking as a Feldenkrais practitioner. It can’t cover the myriad variables of environment, individual anatomy, culture, and disposition that affect and effect our way of moving through the world. Nevertheless, I recognise that for many a set of rules is a comfort rather than a limitation. So, belatedly, here is my framework (a term I’m more at ease with than rule) for sitting at the computer desk:

Sit with awareness. Where are your feet? Where are your sitbones? How are you breathing? Where is your chin relative to your sternum?

Move. How long have you been sitting there?

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